• Luis Carlos Serapião Universidade de Franca - Unifran
  • Maria Flávia Figueredo Universidade de Franca - Unifran
Palavras-chave: argumentation, Pabllo Vittar, rhetoric.


Purpose: Based on rhetorical theory, we seek to undertake an analysis of Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva most known as Pabllo Vittar, brazilian drag queen singer. She has breaking records in your meteoric career. She is borned at Maranhão and currently lives in Minas Gerais. Pablo became famous at the end of 2015, when he launched the Open Bar a Lean On version of Major Lazer. Surprisingly, the song was a success, culminating in an EP (Extended Play) with five other versions of other songs. In 2017, she released her first Studio album called Vai passar mal, in this album is the 2017 carnival’s hit called Todo Dia. Methods: through the rhetorical theory, based on Abreu (2008); Figueiredo and Ferreira (2013); Figueiredo and Ferreira (2016), we will seek to analyze this character and find out who it is; understand how her gave rise to fame as quickly. We will seek also to find out how she deals with the situations of prejudice and views the relationship with her fans. Expected results: in general purpose, we hope to establish what rhetorical strategies made Pabllo Vittar become not just a singer but also a figure of representativeness. Seize the ethos of Pabllo Vittar and know how your fans react to him/her and her music. And still define who is her audience. 

Biografia do Autor

Luis Carlos Serapião, Universidade de Franca - Unifran
Graduando em Letras Português e Inglês e suas Literaturas pala Universidade de Franca. Membro do grupo PARE.
Maria Flávia Figueredo, Universidade de Franca - Unifran
Doutora em Linguística pela UNESP de Araraquara. Professora permanente do programa de mestrado e Linguística da univeridade de Franca. Líder do grupo PARE.